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  Low: 3:51 AM / 0.23 m. High: 9:57 AM / 1.50 m. Low: 3:54 PM / 0.36 m. High: 10:08 PM / 1.66 m. Sunrise: 6:23 AM. Sunset: 5:31 PM.
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Surf Wall Write on the Wall

9:35 PM. Wed, Aug 23

Lord Mayor, ya kidding they are building a shrine to the damn handsome fella for increasing turnover in drug deals.

3:01 PM. Wed, Aug 23

Lord mayor of lexo

9:40 AM. Wed, Aug 23

Face of lexo

5:13 PM. Tue, Aug 22

Must have won the lexo comment battle.....

1:53 PM. Fri, Aug 18

Cnr Minneapolis Crescent and Lexington Place, faces West.

Image result for straya c**t

9:37 PM. Thu, Aug 17

There is no sun on lexo shops at the bcak in the arvo

5:29 PM. Thu, Aug 17

Go to Lexo any sunny arvo and see.

3:26 PM. Thu, Aug 17

Nothing like keyboard warrior trolling, to overcome his senses of inadequacy

9:25 AM. Thu, Aug 17

Nothing like having a few long necks of VB in the arvo sun behind Lexo shops

4:24 PM. Wed, Aug 16

Here we are, here we are sucking schooners at teh bar, teh boys from Maroubra Bay Pub.

9:40 PM. Tue, Aug 15

Mick is good he drinks schooners.

2:17 PM. Mon, Aug 14

Good to see Labor putting up taxes on the rich.

10:21 AM. Sat, Aug 12

Joow money anyhows .

8:37 PM. Thu, Aug 10

There goes the market on Corona and Tequila sales at Bondi for this years Summer of backpack Australian gap year for the Euro's and America's........#FreetheLemon

9:12 AM. Thu, Aug 10

Good to see Tony Abbot making sure gays and lemons won't be getting married.

7:57 AM. Thu, Aug 10

hang keyboard warrior the troll!

7:15 PM. Wed, Aug 9

Death penalty needs reinstating .

Fetch the rope !!!

5:52 PM. Wed, Aug 9

Go the Reardon family, Mick, Ronnie ..... All heros of the Bra.

8:22 PM. Mon, Aug 7

Not that a community gives a f**k. Rot ya dogs.

5:11 PM. Mon, Aug 7

The Travers brothers are next due in court on September 28.

5:15 PM. Sun, Aug 6

May as well say The Truth has the full story FFS

10:58 PM. Fri, Aug 4

The Age will release a story about police officers revealing information on pending court cases causing a mistrial - via which website?

4:49 PM. Thu, Aug 3

Won't be long now........

7:43 PM. Wed, Aug 2

In custody on assault, trespass and other charges violent assault at that, DNA has been found on the scene of murder. Even money they are dusted,

6:28 PM. Wed, Aug 2

As you say. Only charged at this point.

8:54 PM. Tue, Aug 1

Is he related to Houso

5:52 PM. Tue, Aug 1

keyboard warrior's gunna make abusive and anomyous postsundecided

5:01 PM. Tue, Aug 1

Hope they get raped

7:52 AM. Tue, Aug 1

those two richardheads bra boys will become lingerie boys soon

5:51 PM. Mon, Jul 31

From the news

Just over a month after he was killed, police on Thursday charged young brothers Ray and Jackson Travers with murder.

The duo are well-known in the surfing community in Maroubra and are the sons of former amateur boxer Ronnie Reardon.

5:59 PM. Sun, Jul 30

One of the Bra Boys. Should bade well for the reputation of the area and house prices.

3:14 PM. Sun, Jul 30

Whose kids are those turds that killed the homeless bloke?

9:14 PM. Sat, Jul 29

Can't wait for next years nominations.

8:54 PM. Sat, Jul 29

Suck the puss Souffs.........

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