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  Low: 6:27 AM / 0.52 m. High: 12:59 PM / 1.55 m. Low: 7:55 PM / 0.31 m. Sunrise: 5:42 AM. Sunset: 7:38 PM.
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Waiting 6 hrs 55 mins for sunrise at 5:42am

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1:23 PM. Mon, Nov 18

stil no rain! israel halla was right, this dissaster brouhgt to australia by drunks, gays and jews.

11:09 AM. Sat, Nov 16

I hear Chinese are looking to buy low cost property om the Mid North Coast.

1:50 PM. Fri, Nov 15

Unless your rabbi gives that $5 to the bushfire appeal. I think you have done nothing to help.

7:57 AM. Wed, Nov 13

I went to my synagogue yesterday and prayed for the rain also paid $5 to my rabbi, I hope it helps with the fires.

2:38 PM. Fri, Nov 8

Here is another payback from Gladys for voting Labor in Maroubra: WASTE INCINERATOR PLANT PROPOSED FOR MATRAVILLE

The future of a waste incinerator plant at Matraville is in the hands of Randwick Council, which will be discussed at Tuesday night’s meeting. The proposal could involve thousands of tonnes of rubbish burnt each year to help power the Orora paper mill.


2:54 PM. Thu, Nov 7

I've got my dole pay today, we're going to have good time with my blonde husky lady at bond st tonight. If you decide to join us don't forget to bring me your beer.


1:15 PM. Tue, Nov 5

I grow old ... I grow old ... I shall smoke my durries rolled.


12:44 PM. Tue, Nov 5

8:41 AM. Tue, Nov 5

nuh, I don't see how it's going to work.

First of all housos will walk over the robots and steal all food, also they will steal robots and take them to the recycling depo for money exchange as all robots have precious metals in them.

Second: all houses need servant like normal working people who pay them dole money and tolernant to the houso's sh!t talk.

So in one or two weeks time all housos will ditch the houso town and move back to bra or whereever they came from.

if you want to build a houso town, you'll need a big emplty field , with big fence around it and towers with with machine gun guards.

3:57 PM. Mon, Nov 4

7:33 PM. Sun, Nov 3

Who's going to work in the rls, wollies etc. of houso town?

10:50 AM. Sat, Nov 2

Be good to see all the Houso moved over the Great Dividing Range. Set up a "Houso Town". Only need houso, RSL, Wollies, BWS, Centerlink and a Medical Centre. Don't forget a new series of Housos is coming to SBS !!!

3:45 PM. Fri, Nov 1

Houso Bob Is fooling youse all.

Not a Houso.

Not poor.

Owns his own home.

Is a bigot. not fooling us with that though.

Houso folks are not conservative. Unsophisticated maybe, but voting for the right is not the go. They hate cops 👮‍♀️ because they are there to keep rich ccvvts protected from the likes of Houso people. The rich c's are all fkn pussies who are scared of everything.

4:05 PM. Thu, Oct 31

so if what youse iz sayin iz rite then ya talkin 5h1t.
if ya talkin 5h1t then what ya saying is wrong
so in conclusion there is nuffin betta than talkin 5hit on Brasurf!!!

7:00 AM. Thu, Oct 31

What better way to spend your life than talking s**t on Brasurf.

5:33 PM. Tue, Oct 29

If that's all you want out of life, then as long as you're happy, go for it. Personally, I need more than that. Travel the world. Experience everything I can before I kick the bucket.

9:56 AM. Tue, Oct 29

What more do you need HB than, VB, houso pussy and Winnie Blues.....

9:12 AM. Tue, Oct 29

I was married to one abbo girl when I was in uluru, she sticked like my dog but was rich as, becasue she was gettign all the money from tourists' proffits.

I'm having good life at bond st now, and thinkng to marry one of those local blonde sheila with husky voice. She's on the dole too so we spend lots of time together.

c ya.


6:29 PM. Mon, Oct 28

Yep. Just wait till them Abos are losing out on revenue and it will be open faster than a lexo bitchs legs for a goon cask.

1:51 PM. Mon, Oct 28

11:41 AM. Mon, Oct 28

Not many people at the "Save Little Bay / Save Yarra Bay" rallies on the weekend. We need a lot more people.

8:55 AM. Sun, Oct 27

Haich Bee

8:55 AM. Sun, Oct 27


You are very thought provoking.


4:36 PM. Fri, Oct 25

HB - You are afraid of losing your dole bludging title to real experts at Alice Springs :)

1:16 PM. Fri, Oct 25

I'm not oging to uluru anymore, stuff those local tribes!


10:13 AM. Fri, Oct 25

Bring on the blueys I cant wait to have an excuse to wear pantyhose down at the dunny bowl again


11:03 AM. Fri, Oct 18

Party tonight at 16 Bond St! yea! Pills tasting available!

HB is on the site playing his favourite tunes on his tune bottle collection .

Come and see us at 16 Bond st, entry via rubbish bin bay at bona vista ave.

Let's make it loud !

1:07 PM. Thu, Oct 17

More wood than HBs boner for handouts

11:19 AM. Thu, Oct 17

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuk could chuk wood?

6:28 AM. Thu, Oct 17

How much HB could a HB Donald Trump HB, if a HB Donald Trump could HB HB?

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