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  Low: 11:43 AM / 0.26 m. High: 5:58 PM / 1.44 m. Sunrise: 6:25 AM. Sunset: 5:19 PM.

Surf Wall Write on the Wall

1:47 PM. Thu, Apr 26

I'm Kim from indo, I'm the best surfer at the Bra!

12:15 PM. Thu, Apr 26

Good to see the “penguin rookery” on Wedding Cake Island yesterday. Lots of pissing up, Bar-B-Q, fire left burning long into the night……….

2:48 PM. Wed, Apr 25

tell it to the Dutch Bra!!!

6:13 AM. Wed, Apr 25

you british shmuck, i'm indonesian

11:48 PM. Tue, Apr 24

Happy Anzac Day I feel so proud we are all British and being a true patriot of a colony down under lads ! Know what I mean........

7:12 PM. Tue, Apr 24

16 BOND ST party is starting now!!!

12:15 PM. Mon, Apr 23

I'll be on wedding cake island. first line of defence. armed with VB cans to throw at prospective invaders.

8:10 AM. Mon, Apr 23

Dawn Service at 16 Bond St! bring your beers and ciggies this tuesday night and be brave to stay up till sunrise!

5:03 PM. Fri, Apr 20


3:18 PM. Fri, Apr 20

Play this song at the party

8:48 PM. Thu, Apr 19

16 BOND St party this Friday !

4:07 PM. Thu, Apr 19

Fines start for rock fishing with no lifejacket 1/6. This applies if you have wetsuit and cleats as well. If stopped say:

We want the above Act amended to:

“Rock fishers must wear either a lifejacket, a life vest or a wetsuit and appropriate footwear being rock cleats or rock spikes on sandstone and slippery rocks or light weight stout soled boots on granite.”

8:07 PM. Mon, Apr 16

Crabs at 16 Bond st

9:05 PM. Sun, Apr 15

I'm on acid and it's damn fine.

8:54 PM. Sun, Apr 15

There're weapons of ass destructions at 16 Bonda St.

1:15 PM. Sun, Apr 15

Yes, there are lots of "chemicals" and "wepons" there!!!

11:16 AM. Sun, Apr 15

Trump has ordered air strikes on 16 Bond street tongue-out

2:38 PM. Sat, Apr 14

The party at 16 bond st was great last night. The brazzez were playing and signing all night, almost braz has tallent tv show. Party part 2 is on tonight! 16 bond st bring your beer ciggies and doms you might get lucky.

9:36 AM. Sat, Apr 14

I blame the Russians for the internet outage. We blame them for everything else ay!

6:41 PM. Fri, Apr 13

16 BOND ST PARTY IS BACK! lots of young brazz straight from Rio! young trimmed pussy! Bring your beer! PARTY IS on NOW!

6:39 PM. Fri, Apr 13

When your wired internet is down and your website hosts online you always can access that site via your mobile .

6:01 PM. Fri, Apr 13

if the internet is down you cannot announce on a website that a cam is down cause you cannot access the internet.
Its a little like stupid people not being smart enough to warn others that they are stupid

4:09 PM. Fri, Apr 13

How did all you hobos survive without the Brasurf wall to talk s**t on?

2:20 PM. Fri, Apr 13

right the cam,.... at least you can announce that the cam is down due to the broken internet when those abbos cut your wire next time. 4g is too expensive for a private pocket just to keep it as a backup .

9:15 AM. Fri, Apr 13

If I wasn't such a tight arse, I'd pay for a 4G backup internet connection. 😝

9:14 AM. Fri, Apr 13

Could do. Only problem is I would still need to get the camera images from my place, to the online hosting site. So, when my internet goes down, I'd still have a problem.

8:25 AM. Fri, Apr 13

how about to transfer this site onto online hosting service? it doesn't cost much these days and i'm sure public donaitions in bitcoins can help

10:15 PM. Thu, Apr 12

Whoever keeps cutting my internet cable. Please stop.

Apologies for another 2 week outage.

11:32 AM. Sat, Mar 31

If tampering with some ones balls was illegal there wouldnt be a parade for it every March!

9:54 AM. Sat, Mar 31

And we welcome back Brasurf with some deep analytical cometary => Should Dave Warner have his balls sandpapered?

10:25 PM. Fri, Mar 30

glad you are back was worried the site had ended.
Appreciate your efforts!

9:04 PM. Fri, Mar 30

Finally fixed my internet. Apologies for the 2 week outage.

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