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  Low: 9:23 AM / 0.66 m. High: 3:27 PM / 1.27 m. Low: 10:08 PM / 0.43 m. Sunrise: 5:38 AM. Sunset: 8:02 PM.

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10:53 AM. Sun, Dec 16

10:32 PM. Sat, Dec 15

who cares!
how progressive is rock and roll?
25 years +++ and every one is going on about a studio band fronted by some gay dude.
hasnt any one heard of "The Darkness", has anyone heard of anything more contemptlary?
What happened to anything new musically?

6:55 PM. Sat, Dec 15

Is Freddie Mercury our Queen? Thought the bloke was dead.

12:01 PM. Thu, Dec 13

Don't go to Bondi and you'll be okay, no one will terrorise da bra cos it's bra boys territory .

9:09 AM. Thu, Dec 13

8:26 AM. Thu, Dec 13

What has any of this got to do with Surfing? Settle down!

10:12 AM. Wed, Dec 12

Here is another one for the pro Muslim importers

10:37 PM. Tue, Dec 11

would prefer an anarcho syndicalist collective!

7:23 PM. Tue, Dec 11

No republic!

3:03 PM. Tue, Dec 11

Australia will become a republic soon, then jew-greek-armenian and arab corruption will f@ck it in its arse and rip it apart .

12:48 PM. Tue, Dec 11

Yes it seems like English baffles a lot of people. Too much sun. Prince Charles can't be King because his ears would get cut on crown.

12:32 PM. Tue, Dec 11

The queen will die soon and you'll get the old-fart king with the the sme use as an old bag you've bought log time ago and never used .

9:44 AM. Tue, Dec 11

No, I'm a British white. This country was established under British white rule and that is why it is so good........ And why the Queen is Head of State :)

God save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God save The Queen!
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen!

9:21 AM. Tue, Dec 11

Can we deport you instead?

8:34 AM. Tue, Dec 11

To reduce our emissions we could deport Muslims and enslave blacks. tongue-out

3:25 PM. Mon, Dec 10

We need to cull sharks! Too many sharks, cull them!

2:45 PM. Mon, Dec 10

Geezuz I get frustrated with misleading media articles. Yes, obviously, Australias population is very small compared to the whole world. So, yes, Australia can't save the whole world if it wanted to. NOBODY HAS EVER SAID THAT IT COULD!

That's why we ALL need to do it. F**k you Sun Herald for misleading people.

...I need a surf.

1:28 PM. Mon, Dec 10

Because gay society and tolerance made you soft. God give us someone like Trump who doesn't give a f@ck!

12:36 PM. Mon, Dec 10

11:31 AM. Fri, Dec 7

Scotish Blow Bags. Is that anything like the Irish Band The Red Hot Chilli Pipers?

Those Christmas Lights are great in garden until you do the hedges a slice all the wiring.

11:20 AM. Fri, Dec 7

Went to buy some xmas lights from the cheap arses dollar shop. The solar and battery powered lights, are cheaper than the ones that you plug into the wall.

That would have never been the case a year or two ago. It seems solar panels and batteries are so cheap now, they even cost less than a 12volt transformer. Craaazy.

10:33 AM. Fri, Dec 7

Yes, Jimmy's Scottish blowers

9:53 AM. Fri, Dec 7

A must see event Jimmy

9:20 AM. Fri, Dec 7

what does that even mean?

9:15 AM. Fri, Dec 7

Is there anyone interensted to go and watch "Tattoo" the scotting army blowers ?

6:00 PM. Thu, Dec 6

Good to see violent protest against green bulls**t policy works

Wake up Australia, more coal and nuclear power.

5:43 PM. Thu, Dec 6

nuclear fusion is ok
nuclear fission isnt ok.
if you do not know the difference between the two, would you mind going to Fukushima and taking a bath (in either reactors 1, 2 or 3 - 4 is no good it didnt go critical) for the benefit of the rest of humanity instead of talking about energy systems of which you appear to have very little understanding

12:41 PM. Thu, Dec 6

Nuclear Power is the way to go. There is SFA chance that Solar(needs Sun you Green f**kwit) and Wind (ditto on the need) will ever be able to have dispatch able power.

10:54 AM. Thu, Dec 6

Coal plants cost more to run now. Due to increase in fuel prices, increase in labour costs, increase in maintenance costs, etc. So, that's the main reason your electricity bill has gone up. In the long term (not right now), wind and solar should reduce your bill.

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