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  Low: 1:04 PM / 0.36 m. High: 6:55 PM / 1.08 m. Sunrise: 6:33 AM. Sunset: 7:44 PM.

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2:38 PM. Tue, Feb 18

In 2020 you will have more of blondes with hustky voice from bond st

2:17 PM. Tue, Feb 18

Bye Bye Holden. In 2020 => " We love Netflix, Uber Eats, Climate Change and Tesla cars."

11:29 AM. Sun, Feb 16

You sound like you've been to bond st recently.

6:15 PM. Sat, Feb 15

Fook yah! North bondi in the morning, was good befor the crowd , then tama , jump of mackenzie rocks, got 4 waves with each time running back to rocks for re entry, that worth it, only 4-5 people at a time. Also see a mad man at bronte reef, he was getting some in between the sets. By the way manly fairy bower was mad yesterday arvo, ive got only 3 waves over 1.5hr, that was crazy sheeeeets....

1:11 PM. Sat, Feb 15

Anyone surf today?

8:47 AM. Fri, Feb 14

All flags and not you are all invited to the Valentines party at 16 bond st tonight at 6pm. BYO beers, ciggies and pills . see you all there.

2:33 PM. Thu, Feb 13

Whoever you are do not surf between fags! They will f@k you.

1:26 PM. Thu, Feb 13

Israely was wrong anyway , just check it.

If you are an Atheist you don't believe in hell or heaven, devil and other some sort of guy on the coulds, then you will not get not in hell nor heaven becasue they don't exist.

Just add Atheist to any of those on the pic and continue to be a drink, homo, liar or whatever you wan't to be .

Also if you believe in god then know god is uneducated old blind and death man so be a homo or a drunk or an atheist drunk homo because he doesn't care.

Let's promote homosexuality in schools and stuff the birth certificates gender.

1:07 PM. Thu, Feb 13

yeah, let be fags forevaaaa!

10:13 AM. Thu, Feb 13

Oh, and "They promote it in public schools." No, they are not promoting it. They are accepting it. At no point to they encourage anyone to become transgender or anything like that. They simply support them if that's what they choose. Again, completely fine with this. Let people live how they like.

10:10 AM. Thu, Feb 13

Wait one minute. That's not what you said. You said:

pushing such a dumb things like born child with no sex in their birth cert

When a child is born, it has a gender. Later in life, if that person doesn't identify with that sex, then they are allowed to change it. I have no problem with this, and I don't know why anyone would. People are free to live their lives how they like (as long as they don't harm others).

At no point can a newly born child not have its sex on the birth cert. Am I wrong?

9:33 AM. Thu, Feb 13

OMG, you're in dark dark age, I guess you work as coal miner who sits in the mine for whole week and comes out only for trip to a local pub.

LGBT was promoting their stretching as-holes youga for a few decades and you've nerever heard about no gender in certificates and i guess your kids (if you have any) don't go to public or any school. Check this in TAS, and this is only the test , next will be in whole AUS.

Bulletin 55 - Transgender students in schools NSW GOV

7:15 AM. Thu, Feb 13

I’m going to move to Tasmania. I have always liked the MAP OF TASMANIA but it’s gone these days. Down there you can put what you like on the cert. I’m putting Tasmanian Tiger, then I’m suing the Government for saying I’m extinct. I’m TRIGGERED.

6:12 PM. Wed, Feb 12

pushing such a dumb things like born child with no sex in their birth cert

I've never heard of this, and highly doubt there is any sort of majority wanting it.

or change kids' sex in early stages.

This will obviously never be allowed, simply for health reasons.

They promote it in public schools.

No they don't.

That's complete BS.

I feel like you are listening to a minority group of people, and ignoring the majority.

4:48 PM. Wed, Feb 12

I was out there. Good chunks, with a few bumps.

2:47 PM. Wed, Feb 12

Anyone surf this morning?

1:41 PM. Wed, Feb 12

Just vote for Fraxer Anning, all good :)

1:40 PM. Wed, Feb 12

Mate Austrlaia is most tollerant county ever, however the flags are not happy with it anyway and they keep stretching their luck by pushing such a dumb things like born child with no sex in their birth cert, or change kids' sex in early stages. They promote it in public schools. That's complete BS. What they shold do is jsut streching their as-holes.

12:34 PM. Wed, Feb 12

Funny, I almost have the complete opposite view. Most problems are because of intolerance.

12:22 PM. Wed, Feb 12

I've said what i wanted to say, all problems because of fags, Israel Halal was right.

11:08 AM. Wed, Feb 12

"the fags"? Haha. The "flags".

10:49 AM. Wed, Feb 12

are you refering to Tama? yes if the fags are up then you can't surf on glass boards only softies allowed , if the fags are downs then everything is on. bloody stupid rulles and fags.

8:27 AM. Wed, Feb 12

Yep. Good wave. Parking can be a nighmare. They used to only allow surfing in the morning, not sure if that is still true.

1:55 PM. Tue, Feb 11

Has anyone here ever surfed Tamarama?

11:27 AM. Tue, Feb 11

Creating our own superbank?

9:44 AM. Tue, Feb 11

I did, it was a bit full, but fun, also white cap reforms provided long runs too.

8:38 AM. Tue, Feb 11

Who surfed this morning?

4:39 PM. Mon, Feb 10

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