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  Low: 7:43 AM / 0.59 m. High: 2:26 PM / 1.42 m. Low: 9:04 PM / 0.62 m. Sunrise: 6:24 AM. Sunset: 5:31 PM.
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Waiting 8 hrs 28 mins for sunrise at 6:24am

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9:05 PM. Sat, Aug 24

Yes it's amazing it hasn't been sold yet.

2:42 PM. Fri, Aug 23

sand still all over north end. amazing!

1:25 PM. Wed, Aug 21

Mate you definetly need a nuke powerstation next door for free electricity, then you could buy a huge lamps for your crops .

10:10 PM. Tue, Aug 20

Can anyone help me?. My power got cut off and my hydro crop is dying. How do I tap into the the pensioner next door power supply. I swear I'll cut her in for half.

10:34 AM. Wed, Jul 31

nuh mate, it's too much of trouble to get the disability pension cos I still have 15 theeth left in my mouth so they will not approve it. I better wait for Barnaby when he gets another sheila and a kid then definetly will be cry for a raise and I'll be sweet as.


10:10 AM. Wed, Jul 31

HB, get on a disability pension. It's way more. Just got get certified as depressed and then you are on. That bitch Mikalia Cash is trying to stop the increse. Doesn't she knoiw how much VB and Winnie Blues have gone up?

3:37 PM. Tue, Jul 30

Yah! he wants to increase my dole money and I'm happy about it . I've already asked for it in advance in centerlink today, they told me to wait for a bit.


6:57 PM. Mon, Jul 29

Yes HB. He is now in the real world of two Mrs, 3 kids and Child Support up your arse. He should apply for Houso.

5:14 PM. Mon, Jul 29

Go Barnaby go! I need more cash .


11:55 AM. Sun, Jul 28

I'm going for LEXIT, getting the Bra out of Lexo.

7:39 AM. Sat, Jul 27

Boris is Awesome!

1:32 PM. Thu, Jul 25

Boris as PM = What the White Supremacist hope = All non British whites out. What will happen, even with Hard Brexit. Expansion of the Commonwealth, more non British Whites in the UK and prosperity for all. If you want the real deal on the EU check out Mr Panos:

9:24 AM. Wed, Jul 24

yeah , install it in my backyard, I nned free electricity to cook my meth and grow my weed.

9:08 AM. Wed, Jul 24

Now Boris is in # 10 we can dump the spent nuk rods in the EU :)

6:58 PM. Tue, Jul 23

I suggest we put the reactor in the housing commission. It will be easier to identify the scum that they are. The crime rate will go down as they glow in the dark. The State will save money on heat seeking and night vision equipment.

10:51 AM. Mon, Jul 22

We've already voted for a nuke generator in maroubra, greens will suck the socks .

4:07 AM. Mon, Jul 22

We don't use that much wind power (yet), as solar is so good in Australia. World wide is a different matter. The growth is large.

9:04 PM. Sun, Jul 21

Barnaby offers free power for those who lives near nuke reactor. I'm for it, let place one on malabar head next to the s**tty plant.

5:22 PM. Sun, Jul 21

fanks but no fanks take, your propellers and stick them to you arse please.

11:39 AM. Sun, Jul 21

8:41 AM. Sun, Jul 21

Yep. Wind power is subsidised bulls**t done to appease virtue signalling f**k wits.

5:52 PM. Sat, Jul 20

Forget about windmills they're are almost over, however they've had a good run on our costs.

6:05 PM. Fri, Jul 19

Ok. So why is this on Origen's website? If wind is so good, why are we not using it?

diagram elect gen aust

4:05 PM. Fri, Jul 19

Oh, please. Communication towers electrocute and kill 20 times more birds than wind farms. Your argument is farcical.

The facts are right in your face. Wind power is cheap and clean.

10:54 AM. Fri, Jul 19

I like Putin for not implementing winfarms as they kill birds and warms. He's truly good guy who cares about animals and sees rhe money waste in windfarms. Greens ars just bunch of blind sectants.

7:06 AM. Fri, Jul 19

7:04 AM. Fri, Jul 19

Image may contain: 2 people

5:36 AM. Fri, Jul 19

Scotland generated twice as much electricity from wind farms than it needed. England on track to also be fully wind powered.

Anyone that still believes coal power stations have a future, is stuck in a coal mine.

3:27 PM. Thu, Jul 18

I'll get me kids on it tommorow. Give the f**kers somthing to do on the beach while I'm drinking long necks in the park.

10:21 AM. Thu, Jul 18

try digging about 500 meters below the beach...

8:16 AM. Wed, Jul 17

Yes, there is no coal on a surf beach :)

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