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  Low: 2:41 AM / 0.17 m. High: 8:47 AM / 1.58 m. Low: 2:48 PM / 0.24 m. High: 9:07 PM / 1.76 m. Sunrise: 6:20 AM. Sunset: 5:26 PM.
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Waiting 5 hrs 21 mins for sunrise at 6:20am

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7:36 PM. Fri, Apr 19

6:55 PM. Thu, Apr 18

9:16 PM. Wed, Apr 17

Fark, some dribblers on here now.

2:32 PM. Wed, Apr 17

The woman on the wall is the queen of 16 Bond St, she sings and more.

1:55 PM. Wed, Apr 17

Is that photo Carl Arena? I remember he had a pair of those pant. can I bring my pet goat to Bond party? It followed me home from easter show.

1:23 PM. Wed, Apr 17

16 Bond Street, was once the scene of debauchery, drugs and alcohol fueled parties.

Now it seems the fun police/politically correct poo jappers have taken over.

All hail "the finger" Hopoate

12:19 PM. Wed, Apr 17

This Friday the 25th, is a good friday because the jews killed the jesus at that day 2k years ago. Come to 16 Bond st to celebrate this event! BYO beers and ciggies. Entry via rubbish bin bay at bonavista. Dress code: thongs allowed.

7:11 AM. Wed, Apr 17

There was construction - renovation at Notre Dame, a huge amount of money was given on it but the result was s**t, most likely they've burnt it to cover the stolen funds which were released for this reno plus they get back it from insurance.

7:03 AM. Wed, Apr 17

Nobody knows why Notre Dame caught on fire but Quasimodo has a hunch.

11:00 AM. Tue, Apr 16

israely hallal is off to bond st.

7:56 PM. Mon, Apr 15

If you are with him the church is full of pedos and alcos, i.e. Pell in a Cell. But he does have the right to put his view.

6:33 PM. Mon, Apr 15

I'm with Israel Halal! no fags no pedos no alcos.

3:02 PM. Mon, Apr 15

2:09 PM. Mon, Apr 15

Mate you're sound like a decent bloke.

11:50 AM. Mon, Apr 15

I love Bond st, it's cozy and the ladies on the ground level are very friendly and nice to chat to. I don't smoke but my cigar is always with me, one ofthe ladies like it very much.

5:12 PM. Sun, Apr 14

I've become a phantom pooper. Avoid Bond St. It has become my mission.

6:03 PM. Sat, Apr 13

Good to see Trump harshly dealing with refos. Go Anning!!!!!

10:53 AM. Fri, Apr 12

If they don't have sausage sizzle, I'm not voting.

9:00 AM. Fri, Apr 12

Beer boarding and smoke boarding can be done to anyone who visits 16 Bond St! BUY beer and ciggies.

Let's commemorate our country fellow who delivers the truth to the world and pays with his life!

9:26 PM. Thu, Apr 11

Good to see Julian Assange arrested

Look foraward to water boarding and the box.

Go Trump!

2:27 PM. Thu, Apr 11

I'll be putting on my hippster Nazi uniform and going to Bond Street.

1:46 PM. Thu, Apr 11

Don't hate 16 Bond St but Love! Come and join us this Friday at 5pm.

16 Bond St is well known establishement, entry via rubbish bin bay at donavista.

Ask all neighbours around and they'll tell you the 16 Bond St is the loudest place in whole bra from dusk till dawn !

BYO beers and ciggies.

10:09 AM. Thu, Apr 11

This is a hate speech website!! combined with free love at Bond Street. Confusing for the advertisers on here if they are targeting Neo-nazis or hippy-hipster greens.

9:58 AM. Thu, Apr 11

Probaly all houso shilas drinking goon....

8:52 PM. Wed, Apr 10

I've seen some s**t sites, but the bloke jabbering on bout some s**t hole and sheilahs is something they should spray as a f**king weed.

8:34 PM. Wed, Apr 10

The summer is over but 16 Bond st keeps on rolling. This Friday open house starts at 5pm. BYO beers and ciggies!

1:48 PM. Tue, Apr 9


1:08 PM. Tue, Apr 9

What you should have learned is that Muslims attack Muslims then have a whinge that they are being discriminated against.

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