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  Low: 2:23 AM / 0.11 m. High: 8:25 AM / 1.47 m. Low: 2:15 PM / 0.24 m. High: 8:40 PM / 1.92 m. Sunrise: 6:47 AM. Sunset: 4:56 PM.
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Surf Wall Write on the Wall

4:25 PM. Wed, May 24

9:58 AM. Tue, May 23

All out Lurline yesterday....

1:22 PM. Mon, May 22

da north end is empty, where're all the champs?

10:20 AM. Mon, May 22

All those go good with a slab and a pouch of backi.......

6:29 PM. Sat, May 20

I like to vary with KFC M/W/F and Saturday I like to eat some MSG Chinese.

10:57 AM. Sat, May 20

I like a white ox with a beer after our Maca's Family box dinner. $20 all up, why shop or cook?

10:39 PM. Fri, May 19

if your worried about a cheap bakki ource your a mug -

totally wrong way to be taking Nicatine-amides unless you are on a suicide mission

8:32 PM. Thu, May 18

If ya aint got a cheap bakki source your a mug

8:38 AM. Fri, May 12

Now they are taxing me White Ox.......

10:01 AM. Thu, May 11

Is that why you lost all your teeth. Too many years on goon. I suppose it blends in well with your nicotene stained fingers.

4:04 PM. Wed, May 10

Drug testing to get the dole soon, looks like its back on the goon.......

12:40 PM. Wed, May 10

2017 red bullCape fear is on. Is Bob Ubeauty competiting? Trevor probably won't. He's had his testicles amputated after receiving bite to his helmet. Looks like a beret with a carrot on top. Call him Tracy now. No wonder his eyebrows are grotesque.

8:52 AM. Tue, May 9

It's all part of authority....

3:36 PM. Mon, May 8

where's f**king swell gone? f**king swellnet s**t report .

12:27 PM. Tue, May 2

F**k authority

10:29 PM. Mon, May 1

You can always count on the stupid comment in this forum. They close the beach 99.9% of the time in big swell. Go for it Moon Doggie. Annette will be waiting on the beach wet and hot and Gidget will be jealous.

1:24 PM. Mon, May 1

We should protest against thsoe nazi lifeguards and surf between the flags next big swell.

10:24 AM. Mon, May 1

That wasn't the beach inspectors on Saturday morning, rather the North Maroubra Boardriders yelling abuse over a megaphone

11:43 AM. Sun, Apr 30

They are part of the RCC army who include rangers who fine you for not having your dog on a lead, not wearing a lifejacket fishing, parking on the grass and a host of other Earth shattering crimes that your rates are paying for.

8:04 PM. Sat, Apr 29

Anyone else noticed the Nazi life guards have turned into even bigger ego driven c**ts recently?

11:24 AM. Sat, Apr 29

Another Souff's shocker. Up the roosters.

4:17 PM. Fri, Apr 28

Probably do better in Lexo.....

6:31 PM. Thu, Apr 27

A half dumb copper and laywer could sit on a beach and wait for crimes and cases come to them.....Where do we sign up

12:13 PM. Thu, Apr 27

Them Brazza chicks are ok though..............

9:14 PM. Wed, Apr 26

Another day in paradise it seems

8:01 PM. Wed, Apr 26

Had Brazzer drop in on me today he frew a a left southpaw are sukkas for the strait right and tooh remover the rest of his mates wanted on but took off afta i dropped the noisy one

6:29 PM. Tue, Apr 25

school holidays are over the little fags are back in the water in numbers.

3:36 PM. Tue, Apr 25

9:39 AM. Sun, Apr 23

Farted, just.

10:08 PM. Sat, Apr 22

Just farted, Just saying,

1:05 PM. Sun, Apr 16

Me too, I'm sick of them Souffs fans throwing platic beer cups half full of piss............

9:48 PM. Sat, Apr 15

Sometimes I wish we had a missile shield

8:28 PM. Fri, Apr 14

Bye Bye Bunnies

Up the Roosters

6:40 PM. Fri, Apr 14

8:36 AM. Fri, Apr 14

Swell back, rock fishing in thongs.........

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