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  Low: 4:05 AM / 0.39 m. High: 10:27 AM / 1.63 m. Low: 4:51 PM / 0.36 m. High: 10:50 PM / 1.36 m. Sunrise: 6:05 AM. Sunset: 7:13 PM.
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Waiting 1 hrs 26 mins for sunrise at 6:05am

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9:22 PM. Sat, Oct 21

Turnbull reckons under his new plan we will be saving $115a year on our power bills but at the start of his term he promised no increase to electricity bills but already under him our bills have blown out to well over $115a year so in effect our power saving 115 pa we are still going to pay more...

Fukin dodgy

5:38 PM. Sat, Oct 21

The girls at Bond St would eat a dead sewer rat for 3 serves a day if they could. Nice to see the denture glue I threw over the fence is being put to good use.

4:53 PM. Fri, Oct 20

I might have diabetic ulcers but I'll be happy, unlike you, you mort. BTW, chop Asian ranga before hand, $70 per hour. Chinese massage, between Vinnies and Maca's at Junction...

8:08 AM. Fri, Oct 20

If you do not wan't to eat it then bring it to the next party at 16 Bond St , the gals will eat everything.

10:28 PM. Thu, Oct 19

Eat and drink like that and you will have diabetic ulcers punching holes in your flesh.

6:13 PM. Thu, Oct 19

Dead anything tastes a heap better than eating while it's alive and kicking.

10:13 AM. Thu, Oct 19

Good to see we are the bigest eaters of red meat in the world

F**k fish and salad, get a 1KG rump into ya with chips, no salad and washed down with 20 schooners, every night......

4:13 PM. Wed, Oct 18

Re Bond Street Party: Make sure on 100% cover in your health fund. That looks like a disease that would require a fair duration of intensive care to recover from.

3:25 PM. Wed, Oct 18

Not sure about sea levels, however, year after year, we set record high temperatures in summer. So, yea, that's global warming. Also, you can do a time lapse in Google Maps of the arctic ice caps over the last 20 years, and watch them shrink. So, yep, more evidence of global warming.

Anyway, thanks to us being an economy driven country, we will be forced off coal by AGL and other companies, because wind and solar are cheaper.

2:20 PM. Wed, Oct 18

Global warming is rubbish. Sea levels have not risen on “Crabbie” at north end in 50 years….

2:09 PM. Wed, Oct 18

Just build the nuc station in a very remote area. If no one is using coal who is buying all the coal we are exporting? Wind and solar are unreliable......

2:08 PM. Wed, Oct 18

From 16 Bond St party last night, those girls love Nukes and they live on pills and Medications, so I do not see any problems with that. Tested on humans already.

1:28 PM. Wed, Oct 18

definetly no nuklear, no need another chernobil here. one small mistake or a leak and will polute whole nsw for 100 years, you will die soon and your kids will live short lives with a chronic bone or blood illneses and only way they'll leave will be by eating pills and othere medications. however the property prices will drop and you can have acres of land in sydney for cheap or less than that, oh yeah you will not becasue you'll die before that from radiation and chem poisen. Tony abbot will have his ears and budgies fall off too.

1:18 PM. Wed, Oct 18

You're entitled to an opinion but it's wise to fact check your assertions. Australia also has an abundance of clean solar and wind energy

Beijing just closed it's last coal fired power station in March this year and is now powered by 27 plants with clean energy. In the past year China has been the top country globally for capacity of new solar and wind farm installation,

India is also phasing out coal

Saying that they are going ahead in "leaps and bounds" is misinformed. Australia was a world leader in solar technology but has lost that mantle - it's a pity because that is an industry of the future

Being a surfer, I love nature, an unpolluted environment is part of that paradigm

11:13 AM. Wed, Oct 18

The only thing that is going drive down power prices is increased generation. We are awash with coal, gas and uranium, why not use it rather than sell it OS? Australia has the most expensive power in the world, all because of global warming bulls**t being listened to rather than facing the fact that if we stopped all Australia’s emissions now for a year it would make virtually no difference to so called global warming. China and India are polluting like crazy and going ahead in leaps and bounds while all our industries are closing…..

9:14 PM. Tue, Oct 17

Adani, it isn't your choice. Enjoy your fredoom of speech.

4:14 PM. Tue, Oct 17

Good to see that CET hit the bin. More coal and nuclear power now.

9:00 PM. Sat, Oct 14

They have to you muppet, it's the only way they can eat food and keep their teeth in.

3:11 PM. Thu, Oct 12

16 Bond st party tonight, bring your cigies old ladies suck a lot.

3:06 PM. Mon, Oct 9

How often do they run those parties at bond st? I was there yesterday and it was quet. I like old ladies becasue they like me.

7:00 PM. Sat, Oct 7

Blokes wild night at bond st

4:57 PM. Fri, Oct 6

Haven't checked for fleas or lice yet have you.

1:01 PM. Tue, Oct 3

How good was party at 16 Bond St last sat, yeah! I had great time and couple of old sheilas.

8:11 PM. Sat, Sep 30

Some good little groms out there today....

10:26 PM. Thu, Sep 28

Not much

8:41 PM. Thu, Sep 28

Bring on Halal ice, then see how fussy everyone gets.

6:41 PM. Thu, Sep 28

Cat joke got a laugh, but the last one is fair enough Halal goes around comes around, if your going to get uppity about every thing try thinking a way to get the lazy bastards in the houso a job, plenty deserved but a lot that don't. Ice head city Malabar, South Coogee and round Lexo.

4:47 PM. Thu, Sep 28

Then don't buy the s**t you f**kwit, I don't give a f**king rats arse about Muslims, every race, creed and colour has it's arseholes. So get overyaself.

4:07 PM. Thu, Sep 28

Muslim lovers note:

Also, Halal is costing these companies as I and all I know will not buy a product with that on it.

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