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  Low: 4:57 AM / 0.16 m. High: 11:15 AM / 1.75 m. Low: 5:40 PM / 0.10 m. High: 11:49 PM / 1.52 m. Sunrise: 6:36 AM. Sunset: 7:40 PM.

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6:31 PM. Thu, Feb 21

I only care that my power bills are lower. If it's hot I won't need heater.... Go BREXIT....

5:18 PM. Thu, Feb 21

Course there is global warming, try grabbing a globe after it being on for 4 hours FFS.

8:22 AM. Thu, Feb 21

There's no global warming, there's global dumbiness.

Thank you very much.

7:51 AM. Thu, Feb 21

Let me help you global warming denier. You seem to only care about Australia. So here's a start.

10:03 PM. Wed, Feb 20

You can pick these virtue signaling losers. They will:

1. Believe in Global Warming.

2. Want to move Australia Day

3. Love Marine Parks.

4. Want more trees planted.

5. Voted for same sex marriage.

6. Etc.

Let’s hope we get more coal and nuclear power stations.

9:31 PM. Wed, Feb 20

Cut&kickback, google it. This exactly what's happening with green sh1t solars in australia today. The government representatives subsidies the scheme from taxpayers funds and get payments back in rheir private accounts somewhere overseas. Old trick and still works well.

7:15 PM. Wed, Feb 20

So if we rely on solar, wind and water driven energy. If the wind don't blow, the sun don't shine and the rivers that already dried up. Who the f**k do we blame when my AC carks it and I can't watch my reality shows? These are the real issues confronting today.

3:53 PM. Wed, Feb 20

No you can't because we will not build any new coal powerstations any more and going to close the existing once soon. Big thanks to greenturds and hipster society!

3:03 PM. Wed, Feb 20

Good to see the price of coal going down. Means we can have lower cost coal fired power stations rather than the renewable rubbish that costs a bomb.

10:03 PM. Tue, Feb 19

Global warming. I just bought into a skin cancer joint and have cornered to market in floaties. Also my shares in legal gunja are booming. Up 15 points in a month. Bitcoin is for sukkers.

9:25 PM. Tue, Feb 19

that was Heavens gate

They all had Nikie's on. Maybe be Nikie shoud change from "Just do it" to "Think about this very deply and write down what you are thinking / feeling, put in a draw and revist in a week" => Catchy :)

7:56 PM. Tue, Feb 19

I'm joing them Scientologist mob. Word is they have a spaceship when this joint poops itself. I'm a believer.

7:37 PM. Tue, Feb 19

Have you heard about cut&kickback? This why the political prostitutes are making this bull1dust and make people to believe they need to help those boat people. The boat people will make to the graves anyway however the $1.4 billion will never reach them in any help. Those bucks will end up in someone's bank accounts in kayman islands. Whole international help to Africa, indo or any other country is nothing but cuts and kickbacks.

4:40 PM. Tue, Feb 19

All the Refos are going from Manus and Naru to Christmas Island. Cost $1.4 Billion. lets hope they get "water boarded" and put in the box.

11:40 AM. Tue, Feb 19

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

10:33 AM. Tue, Feb 19

16 Bond st saluts all dole receivers! Please bring you ciggies this friday and saturday to celebrate the warmish summmer in australia! Our ladies are happy to drink, sing and smoke all night long!

9:16 AM. Tue, Feb 19

Here, here to the comment below. I'm off to the beach from houso to surf all day paid for by you mugs taxes. To quote

Dorothea Mackeller

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror
The wide brown land for me!

So Global Warming is all bulls**t. The hortest day EVER in January was January 1939: That record still stands - a now-closed Richmond weather station recorded 47.8°C in 1939.

8:12 AM. Tue, Feb 19

let's sum up. There's no global warming.

Thank you very much.

6:45 AM. Tue, Feb 19

ABC is left-wing? I guess everything seems that way when you've got Rubert Murdoch's balls down your throat... must be tasty

9:52 PM. Mon, Feb 18

Mate, if global warming floods islands, then more surfing and fishing spots, bring it on.............

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