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  Low: 12:15 AM / 0.43 m. High: 5:35 AM / 1.63 m. Low: 12:12 PM / 0.19 m. High: 6:20 PM / 1.39 m. Sunrise: 6:10 AM. Sunset: 5:44 PM.
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Waiting 1 hrs 50 mins for sunrise at 6:10am

Surf Report - Maroubra
Forecast 9:03 AM. Thu, Apr 2


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5:44 PM. Sat, Apr 4

aha-ahaha- those c**ts can't go against the mother nature, so if they want to digitize the society then the mother nature will smash the electricity suppliers.

12:35 PM. Sat, Apr 4

Fence along the beach has blown over with the wind. Beach Open :)

12:48 AM. Sat, Apr 4

Welcome to North Korea our time has come to s**t ourselves.

9:44 AM. Fri, Apr 3

Stuff joowbook , joowchoob and joowgle .

8:23 AM. Thu, Apr 2

This immage was ban on any social media

7:14 PM. Wed, Apr 1

Bear Motive & does a good job :)

1:05 PM. Wed, Apr 1

NSW Gorvenment about to allow local hunting clubs to cull the backpackers. The trial is planning to start at Bondi, Coogee and Maroubra this Thursday 2nd of April at 12am.

11:02 AM. Wed, Apr 1

NSW gorvenment is planing to use the traffic and security cameras to identify people's faces and cars cars due to covid19 , travels ban and no go out of home subjects. Telco will force all smart phones to switch their geolocation services to monitor every person.

Welcome to new world slaves! Sit home and eat grass.

6:48 PM. Tue, Mar 31

Thanks for that, i was asking if anyone new that dude and if he's a local houso?

4:21 PM. Tue, Mar 31

Out on bail Merryfull appeared at Central Local Court on Monday and was refused bail.

He was scheduled to reappear on Tuesday, where he pleaded not guilty to all charges and was released on conditional bail.

He is due back in court on May 27.

1:10 PM. Tue, Mar 31

So who was who spat on coppa this morning at bra ?

11:38 AM. Tue, Mar 31

Bring back the lingerie boys to patrol the concrette.

9:49 AM. Tue, Mar 31

Noticed that by closing access to the sand, more people are now congregating along the walkway.

8:12 AM. Tue, Mar 31

"Dawn surf at Maroubra with 20-30 people " OMG is empty, it havn't seen that emptyness since 2004 when lingerie boys were at the bra .

6:46 PM. Mon, Mar 30

Coogee boardwalk crowded all chating and drinking in the park. Ha Ha Ha you are all getting this .....

3:31 PM. Mon, Mar 30

Dawn surf at Maroubra with 20-30 people spaced evenly along the beach: NO FKIN CHANCE
Midday shopping at Eastgardens with hundreds of fckwits touching everything in sight: YEAH SURE MATE COME ON IN PLENTY OF ROOM

3:18 PM. Mon, Mar 30

You bet the COVID - 19 levy is on its way. Dole bludging housos get cash, workers lose jobs and get shafted then will have to pay back the Houso debt.

1:54 PM. Mon, Mar 30

I bet all those dudes are working from home these days laughing this is bloody joke , I think we should s**t on government as they s**t on us with all those stupid restrictions. By the way covid-19 levey is on its way, they also reduce dole payments due to covid19 levy so 16 bond st will be a bit out of cash.

1:27 PM. Mon, Mar 30

They'll have to shut that down. Crazy.

10:40 AM. Mon, Mar 30

Social distancing, D Bah style. Shot from this morning.

2:22 PM. Sun, Mar 29

We are finally making progress. Virus no longer doubling every 3 days, now it's every 6 days.

9:34 AM. Sun, Mar 29


7:48 AM. Sun, Mar 29

All the blow ins coming to maroubra to surf because there beach was closed thanks for that you d**kheads stay at your own beach

9:16 AM. Sat, Mar 28

Disappointed you missed out on the opportunity?

6:05 PM. Fri, Mar 27

Yep, all public schools now are just place where they tough to be gay and how to change their gender.

1:48 PM. Fri, Mar 27

Warragamba 82.5%. Climate Change = Bulls**t, Fires caused by Greens Coucils, drought not linked to Climate Change. Schools shut. Who will notice with our dumb teachers who teach the above rubbish.

1:44 PM. Fri, Mar 27

ABC = Left Wing Bull S**t!!!

9:29 AM. Fri, Mar 27

8:26 AM. Fri, Mar 27

> Rain yet again. Where are the Climate Change idots?

Here you go: Hottest month on record for sea temperatures, bleaching the great barrier reef.

8:07 PM. Thu, Mar 26

No more bogrolls for the serfs .all part of the plandemic and the big kill off .

2:36 PM. Thu, Mar 26

Roll from sky would burn up on reentry.

1:42 PM. Thu, Mar 26

Why you didn't ask god for a roll of paper? He should be fine throwing a roll to you from the sky.

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