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  Low: 12:01 AM / 0.45 m. High: 6:09 AM / 1.25 m. Low: 11:58 AM / 0.58 m. High: 6:12 PM / 1.43 m. Sunrise: 6:08 AM. Sunset: 7:12 PM.
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Waiting 7 hrs 49 mins for sunrise at 6:08am

Surf Wall Write on the Wall

8:58 AM. Fri, Oct 19

16 Bond St. Drink tonight! it's wet but we have warm BBQ onsite, BYO drinks and ciggies.

7:59 AM. Wed, Oct 17

I've seen him at bond st .

2:49 PM. Tue, Oct 16

Ubolt = bag snatcher from hell :)

11:40 AM. Tue, Oct 16

Looks like no one wants ubolt, must be useless as a soccer player.

9:31 AM. Tue, Oct 16

Who's getting smashed at coogee reef today?

5:41 PM. Mon, Oct 15

It i'll be blowing them pussy rip cords around at Coogee Ladies Pool.......

3:11 PM. Mon, Oct 15

Northeaster is here this must be due to global warming, let's tax it.

1:24 PM. Mon, Oct 15

8:30 AM. Mon, Oct 15

It all depends how many bottels they had, some of them used by ladies for further entertainment. 16 Bond st is the Meca of Maroubra's party lifestyle . don't forget to BYO ciggies.

7:48 AM. Mon, Oct 15

The recycle does not take wine bottles so what do you do with the chicks emtys :)

9:21 PM. Sun, Oct 14

Bond st supports green enviroment and recycles VB bottles for 10c in return.

12:31 PM. Sun, Oct 14

10:08 AM. Sun, Oct 14

No its for rich people who go shooting.

9:53 PM. Sat, Oct 13

Ironic that.

is that not where Royalty goes to get shot?

6:11 PM. Fri, Oct 12

Lower classes to Bond Street ; upper class to Balmoral :)

3:24 PM. Fri, Oct 12

Antarctica is growing in ice fast; read below. Public School education and no degree? As you know anyone without a university education must kowtow to the views of us superior intellectuals. We are the senior people in banking, government, the church etc. who make sure the lower classes get it in the neck. See here for the plan and bank Rothschild’s or HSBC J

Oh, did I mention Goldman Sachs?

6:46 PM. Thu, Oct 11

Global warming ,carbon tax (joowtax) .nothing but joownited nations propaganda .

5:53 PM. Thu, Oct 11

And what about Antarctica? (You FW)

4:57 PM. Thu, Oct 11

The North Pole is on the sea you FW. They sailed the Nautilus under it:

4:06 PM. Thu, Oct 11

The polar caps are not floating icebergs, but thanks for the primary school science experiement - I'm sure my five year old nephew will love it.

1:47 PM. Thu, Oct 11

If I want watered down beer I'll go to the Sands.

1:28 PM. Thu, Oct 11

Feel your glasses with ice and beer at 16 Bond st this Friday and you'll see the change!

12:59 PM. Thu, Oct 11

If you half fill a glass with ice, fill it to till the ice floats with water, mark the level and then let the ice melt you will see there is NO change in level and so it is with sea ice, its pressure down is the same as its volume. Rising sea levels is bull s**t too.

Try it !

12:09 PM. Thu, Oct 11

Ermagerrddd one article from three years ago. Case closed! In other highly credible news, cats may actually be liquid!

11:49 AM. Thu, Oct 11

Here is a new NASA Study saying the ice is growing

Global Warming bulls**t.

11:24 AM. Thu, Oct 11

Attention world scientists! Stop your research! An anonymous Brasurf poster has all the answers you seek. It seems inbreeding and copious amounts of VB have been the secret to ultimate intelligence all along...

10:59 AM. Thu, Oct 11

But it seems to have stopped :0

10:37 AM. Thu, Oct 11

Ships used to never be able to cross the north pole, due to too much ice. Now, so much ice has melted, they regularly cross. NASA has images of the melting, like this:

I just don't understand why anyone would not believe in global warming, when it's right in front of them.

6:14 PM. Wed, Oct 10

Oh dear, more global warming bulls**t proved wrong

by the left wing ABC no less. Should be sold to News Corp...

5:03 PM. Wed, Oct 10

The irony of providing a single conspiracy-riddled link while calling others idiots... Did you know microwaving your tin foil hat triples its protective powers?

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